New Thermodynamics: Inelastic Collisions, Blackbody Radiation, Entropy and Light


  •   Kent W. Mayhew


Most collisions that we witness are inelastic. Irrationally, the sciences have evolved around elastic collisions, which allows for simpler mathematical modelling. Since a result of inelastic collisions are photons, we examine the feasibility of an ensemble of inelastic collisions producing a blackbody spectrum. This will lead to reconsideration of how the light that governs our lives is produced, i.e., light from both the stars and incandescent lightbulbs.

A brief discussion of entropy being a mathematical contrivance based upon elastic collisions is included. A consequence of collisions being inelastic becomes, entropy can only be an approximation when applied to the real world. And this fits well with “New Thermodynamics”.

Keywords: blackbody radiation, entropy, inelastic collisions, lightbulb, Sun


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