Proton and Neutron as 3D Construction


  •   Hermann Josef Scheuber


In this paper, there will be shown in construction how the virtual particles, the 3 quarks, build up with 3 gluons the Neutron and the Proton, the basic particles (together with the electrons) of the atoms. It is known that the whole matter consists of the 3 in confinement closed quark particles, for the Neutron as Down, down & up and for the Proton as Up, up & down, enhanced and reinforced with 3 gluon particles. The exact position of the 6 quarks and 8 gluons Elementary particles can be shown only constructively, as the constructions of Gell-Mann and Weinberg were removed in 1960 and 1967 by Quantum Mechanics and replaced by the laborious Lagrange mathematic formulas, therefore accessible only to a few experts. But here the non-mathematicians can see in a System of maximal probability the stationary order of Elementary particles.  

Keywords: Neutron Structure, Proton Structure, Up, Down, QCD Quarks, 8 Gluons, 3D Construction


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